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Online Dictionary with Random words

March 28th, 2009

I rewrote the online dictionary section of the website to make it a little prettier and easier to use. I came across a WordNet SQL file which allows for much better manipulation of the data. Originally, I had used the WordNet software to export everything and just scrape it into the database (back in ’98 or so). This SQL import file actually keeps the relations intact from WordNet’s prolog format.

I also added the ability to get random words based on the part of speech. So now you can get a random noun, verb, adjective, etc. And with some newfound JavaScript abilities, I added the ability to highlight a specific definition and link to the page with whichever specific definition highlighted. This highlighting is perfect for random web forum arguing when the argument devolves into semantics.

I’ve put up the source code for the core of the dictionary as well.


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