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Netflix Has a Developer API

July 27th, 2009

I wasn’t incredibly happy with the movie synopses I was getting from IMDB. They’re generally pretty crappy. I went looking around to see if I could scrape the Netflix synopses, and lo-and-behold, Netflix has an API!

In another open source project I’m working on, I have a need to learn GTK+. So I figured the easy way to learn GTK+ was to start with php-gtk. It’s more-or-less a replica of the gtkmm OO interface, so I set out to update my little movie categorization script with a GTK+ interface. After learning the ropes, I finally have a nice interface that queries Netflix and returns all of their data for display.

This is what I have so far (keep in mind this is all in PHP):


When you click on a movie in the list, it queries netflix and fills out the description pane. So far it’s really simple, but hopefully I can use this to generate something that will categorize movies specifically for a uPNP client. I can’t put any source code out yet since I’m not too sure how the Netflix API deals with publishing an app. Right now, it has my personal developer key hard coded, and I only get 5000 queries per day.

Here’s a video (and of course, you’ll need Firefox 3.5):

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