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The PS3 Slim and All the Hype

There’s been a lot of Buzz about the PS3 Slim version in the media and all kinds of speculation and rumors flying about. I don’t personally know anything about any of it. What I do know is what I want to see from Sony. I want a 19″ stereo-equipment-style looking device.

Maybe I’m too old. I don’t want a flashy sleek looking case with special LEDs and all that non-sense. I just want a normal looking piece of equipment that fits in a stereo rack and is stackable with other equipment. I don’t like playing a game of Jenga and/or Tetris with my various game consoles.

Sony made the PSX (not to be confused with the original Playstation) for a while, but it was a DVR and a PS1/2 mixed together with an $800 price tag. What I’m talking about is a standard PS3 with a normal audio receiver style form factor: 19 inches wide and a flat top.

All this talk about the PS3 slim is great and all, but who really cares? Give me a standard A/V equipment form factor and I’d replace my current PS3 (as long as they don’t jack up the price). It should actually be cheaper to manufacture since venting would become less of an issue.

I can’t be the only one out there that sees a video game device as a standard piece of A/V equipment. Why are there different rules for consoles?


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