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The Greatest AWS Advertisement Ever

February 22nd, 2013


  1. There is going to be a lot of equipment coming into the facility. I’d guess somewhere around 70 pieces of equipment total. Of those, most will be liquidated. I spoke with Chris about that yesterday and he’s aware of what’s happening.
  2. Either a rack or a cabinet is fine. It does not matter to us.
  3. All equipment to be racked will have rail kits and they are standard 4 post 19″ equipment
  4. To start, we’re only asking for a single gigabit ethernet drop. We’ll run our own distribution switch from that drop (1U 19″ rack mount cisco 3560 48 port gig-e switch). I think Matthew can provide the full cross-connect information for that drop. All equipment in the rack will then connect to that switch for networking.
  5. I’m not sure how you guys do power distribution. All of the servers have dual power supplies. We are looking to rack no more than 15 servers total. This means we’re going to need about 30 power outlets (standard 110V) and it should not draw more than 40 amps total. I assume you run redundant power circuits, in which case if you could run two power drops with 16 outlet PDUs of 30 amps each, that would be more than enough. If needed, we can provide managed PDUs as well. We have about 16 8 port 20 amp APC PDUs and 2 16 port 30 amp APC PDUs that will be available. I would prefer having 2 30 amp drops if that’s possible.
  6. Our team will work directly with asset management to get everything straightened out. That’s probably going to be a lengthy process.
  7. We are requesting — if possible — one piece of equipment be moved from our Equinix Ashburn location by IT so we can get started building our infrastructure. Equipment from our Equinix San Jose datacenter will be shipped by a vendor on or about March 4th. It should arrive at the Sterling location in a crate that same week. Equipment from our QTS Atlanta datacenter will be unracked and moved to the Atlanta office location. Equipment from our Equinix Ashburn will be unracked and moved by Igor and Shawn on the week of the 11th. Again, most of this equipment will be liquidated.

  8. Igor, Shawn, and I are the only ones with access to the current Ashburn Equinix datacenter. However, we can contact the facility and grant escorted access to whoever is going to be moving the equipment. If need be, we can even have the datacenter remote hands staff pull the server and have it ready for pickup.

I’m available for a meeting at any time.

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