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Solaris Licensing Changes: The Real Story

April 14th, 2010

As you should already know, Sun was purchased by Oracle. Not too long ago, someone noticed a licensing change on the Solaris license website. A slow rumble of rumors has been building up about what those changes mean. Well, I contacted our Sun account manager to get the definitive answer, and here it is:

  1. The old Solaris subscriptions, the way people got software support for 3rd party hardware, are no longer available for purchase. Existing contracts are honored.
  2. Solaris support now comes through a contract on the hardware (Oracle SUN hardware)
  3. The license and accompanying entitlement from the web, without a contract and without hardware, only entitle the downloader to non-commercial, non-production, or personal use in perpetuity. Production use and evaluation for production are good for 90 days.
  4. When you purchase hardware, you receive an addendum to the entitlement that grants that piece of hardware perpetual, non-transferable license and entitlement to Solaris.
  5. For hardware purchasers, this is the same (in net effect) as always.
  6. For non-hardware purchasers – 3rd party, gray market, etc. – there is no legal way to obtain a permanent entitlement or to obtain support.

Personal Use

So lets get the easy one out of the way first. Solaris is still free for personal use. So that should satisfy the 0.0001% (yes, that number is an anatomical extraction) of the Solaris users that use Solaris for non-commercial activity.

Non-Sun Servers

Let’s move on to people that run Solaris on non-Sun servers: No Solaris for you, not yours! Items 1 and 6 make it clear that there is no possible way to legally run Solaris on non-Sun servers. Period. End of story.

Sun Servers without a Support Contract

Now lets talk about people that run Solaris on Sun servers, but do not purchase a hardware support contract: Some Solaris for you, but only a little! Item 4 says (and I clarified it with them), that purchasing new Sun hardware gives you a binary license only for the version of Solaris that’s available at the time of the hardware purchase. It does not entitle you to future upgrades or updates.

Sun Servers with a Support Contract

For people running Solaris on Sun hardware with a Sun hardware support contract, your support contract grants you rights to run future versions of Solaris.


Solaris Backup Server using ZFS and rsync

March 26th, 2009

I’ve released my backup script under the GPL. Basically it uses rsync to copy the configured paths to a central backup system and snapshots the filesystem once all of the rsyncs are completed. The really nice thing about it is that it can run multiple rsyncs in parallel and has a very simple configuration. We use this to back up all 3 of our datacenters at the same time, which makes our backup jobs complete much faster.

You can find more information on the ZFS Backup Server page.

You can use the comments section here to discuss, ask questions, or report problems.

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