Old Java Games Applets: Marbles

Ahhhhhhh, no Java !

Usage guide


This is very intriguing logic and strategic maze game that requires a lot of planning, foreseeing and manipulation (especially on higher levels). Player controls between two and six heavy balls revolving them between the walls of echoing corridors. His object is to push them into available holes.


Moving of the marbles is possible by clicking on the buttons with direction arrows or (click on the applet first) by cursor keys. There are five levels with different number of marbles: idiot level is game with only two marbles and the master level is game with six marbles. You can change the level by pushing one of the following buttons: "Idiot", "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Expert" or "Master". The button "New Game" starts a new game.


The game is a sophisticated improvement of an old Diamond Glory by Mike O'Neill game which I loved and played on a legendary VIC 20 computer. The funny name of this BASIC program originates from graphical symbol used at that time for holes (diamond), marbles (character O) and walls (various special characters).


Please report to the below written e-mail address all noticed bugs, critics, comments and suggestions that will be used for the game improvement. Do not send your congratulations and praises :)
In order to see the most interesting part of this page you have to use WWW browser with a support for JAVA programs which are compiled by Java Development Kit 1.1.1 and activate option type "Enable Java" in it.