Our hero Simon, driving the Lego Super Speeder, is one of the best drivers in the Lego racing circuit.

The Little Trippin' Car
This poor little car is driven by idiots. They are seriously depraved drug addicts who often can't figure out how to push the gas pedal.

Racer X
Sure to be a runner up in the Lego races, Racer X drives an amazing car, with awesome acceleration.

The Daryl Brothers
These guys are straight from the Lego Speed Bike championship. Since the Lego circuit now lets motorcycles compete, they want to show everyone that they can kick ass. From right to left, they are Daryl, Daryl, and Daryl.

RVs From Hell
This nasty combination of RV's is ready to wipe out the rest of the racers. They don't have much speed, but if they crash into you, you are almost certainly out of the race.

Flower Mobile
The little Flower Mobile is shows some promise. With it's small size, it should be able to easily out maneuver the other racers.