Lego Media Drops the Ball

How it all started

Lego was set to come out with a video game called Lego Racers. It was announced some time in April, with a release date of early September. Needless to say, waiting for Lego Racers to debut was endless torture.

Come September, Lego Media delayed the release for about 2 weeks. Ay this time, they set a new release date of 9/18/1999. On Sep. 19, the release date was put back yet again.

The trauma that was created by this obvious lack of respect for people anxiously awaiting the game was tragic. It caused nervous breakdowns all over the world.

Next came hurricane Fran, which pretty much locked me in the apartment for a week while waiting for the trees to get cleared. Without the game to play while we waited, we created this little diversion.

Yes, grown men do play with Legos. Especially Lego Mindstorms.