The Lego Cup - Race 1

Racer X takes the lead and is headed up the ramp. RV From Hell 1 and RV From Hell 2 are blocking Daryl, Daryl, and Daryl's motorcycle. Simon is stuck in back behind the Drag Racer, RV from Hell 3 and the flower mobile.
Little Trippin' Car forgot to start.

Oh no! RV From Hell 1 has gone out of control and fell off of the jump ramp. It appears that the engine is on fire! Luckily no other cars are involved in this tragedy. It looks like RV From Hell 1 is out of this race.

Racer X makes the jump look easy as he sails over with ease. Hopefully everyone else will have the same luck making the jump!

The Daryl Brothers make their way up the jump while RV From Hell 1 and RV From hell 2 are still blocking The Drag Racer and Simon. Flower car patiently waits for everyone to go and Little Trippin' Car is still looking for the keys.

Simon makes an amazing jump right over RV From Hell 3! One of the Daryl Brothers has wiped out on the turn and it looks liek The Drag Racer is trying to sneak between RV From Hell 2 and RV From Hell 3.

The Little Trippin' Mobile didn't have enough momentum to make the jump and tumbles into the track below. Racer X slams right into the Trippin' Mobile and the Daryl Brothers are thrown off their motorcycles. Simon avoids the pileup and heads under the ramp.

Simon veers past the chaos as the other racers are stuck behind the pileup.

A piece of lint is caught in Simon's tire, but he regains control and wins the race.

Miraculously, no one in the pile up was injured. A rescue team airlifts the survivors from the inferno.